Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as purchasing from our website means you agree to them.

Event Safety

The wearing of cycle safety helmets throughout the event is required. Entrants must ensure that their bikes are roadworthy.


Entrants acknowledge that participation in the Event is physically strenuous. It is acknowledged that participation in the Event will be physically demanding and the Participant is aware of the nature of the Event and associated medical and physical risks involved. All entrants must be aged 16 years before 26 August 2017. Those aged between 16-18 years as of 26 August 2017, must register with a parent or guardian, who will accompany them on the ride. Entry to the event is a commitment to arrive at the start with a bicycle in roadworthy condition and which will not compromise the safety of the rider or any other participant. Participants are welcome to use tandems, however, this will require two entries.


The organisers and their partners may take photographs during the event for the purposes of advertising, fundraising, display, exhibition or promotional use in connection with cycling and/or our other product, services and campaigns. By taking part in the event you are acknowledging that your image may be taken in a group or individual context. You will waive any right that you may have to inspect and approve the finished product or copy that may be used in connection with any image that the organisers have taken.

Liability & Loss

The organisers cannot accept any liability for loss or theft of belongings. Riders participating in Ride the North do so at their own risk and without any liability whatsoever on the part of the organisers in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered except for death or personal injury caused by negligence of the organisers, its employees or representatives. It is the responsibility of every participant to ensure that they are fit and healthy to complete the ride. If you are in any doubt it would be advisable to consult your doctor. While the majority of the ride is undertaken on Local Authority maintained roads, short sections may feature private roads on which cycling will be permitted at the individuals own risk.

Withdrawals & Refunds 

There will be no transfer of places between riders on RTN 2017 – if you have to withdraw from the event, we will offer refunds as set out below. As the months pass there is more spend committed and therefore the level of refund offered will reflect the date of withdrawal. The timetable for securing places/refunds for cancellation will be as follows:

31 January 2017- All places to be confirmed by payment of registration fee by end of January. If your place is not paid by the end of January, we will regard your registration to be withdrawn.

31 March 2017 – If you pay a registration fee but have to cancel prior within 60 days of payment you will receive a 100% refund . If more than 60 days have passed there is a transaction fee applied and 95% of the fee will be refunded.

30 April 2017 – Cancellations during April will receive a refund of 85% of the registration fee paid

30 June 2017 – Cancellations during May & June will receive a 75% refund

31 July 2017 – Cancellations during July will receive a 50% refund. The end of July will be the final date for partial refund. Unfortunately late withdrawals from the event don’t save any cost, so it will not be possible to refund after this point.

Cancellation Policy

If the event, or part there of, has to be cancelled due to adverse weather, unscheduled road closures or any other circumstances that puts participants’ safety at risk no refunds will be provided.

Personal Information

Your details will be shared with our Charity Partner, who may contact you in connection with your participation in the event. Your details will also be stored for the purpose of informing you about Ride the North events. Your details will not be shared with any other party.