Free Places for 16-21 year olds


There is one month to go before Ride the North. It starts and ends in Elgin on Saturday 27 August.
I’d love the event to attract more interest from young people …so have made a late decision to make places available FREE OF CHARGE to new sign-ups who are aged 16-21. YES …free places!!
The event has two distance options (56 miles or 100 miles). If you are not a regular cyclist and prepared to have a go at 56 miles, it might help to point out that the route takes you back to Elgin at 37 miles as well as 56 miles – so the minimum distance is really 37 miles. If you are a more regular cyclist (or just like a challenge) then the 100 mile route might appeal more.
If you are young and want a place, you’ll have to do this by email by contacting (as the website will charge you £42 …which if you aren’t young, I’d say is very good value)!!
There are a few of things to add on this offer (anticipating the questions):
– This has to be minimum age of 16. Sorry if you have a cycling child that is younger – their time will come!
– Nobody needs a fancy bike and kit to do this. A bike in working order that gets you round is all that’s needed.
– If the event should be giving away participant freebies that are included in the registration fee, they aren’t going to be included in the free registration
– If you already bought a place for a 16-20 year old, I’m afraid I’m not offering refunds (this has to be the last minute deal that doesn’t apply to those who already committed)
– Remains to be seen whether this generates any interest. There is no maximum number of free places available BUT if it were to become a cult movement among teenagers, I’d have to pause this before I go bankrupt!