Ride the North attracts cyclists of varying ability and experience, so it’s almost impossible to provide a single ‘one size fits all’ training plan. If you come to the event with limited experience of long distance cycling, the event needs to be taken seriously and requires a commitment to get some miles on the bike over the Spring/Summer and to get a few hills on your training routes. The Grampian Highlands are home to some of Scotland’s highest roads and while we don’t go over them all, the event always features a considerable amount of climbing and a common mistake is to think about training miles rather than hills.

This page from provides a pretty helpful summary, as it is split into two (or maybe three?) categories: Non Cyclists who are moderately fit (broadly Blue & Green Wave starts on RtN) and Cyclists who are moderately fit (possibly Yellow Wave). Those who are likely Orange & Red Wave starts, won’t be likely to shape their training programme around this event.

British Cycling provide an excellent sportive training guide, but this is available only to British Cycling members. There are lots of experienced cyclists who are part of our event and many would, I believe, be happy to give the benefit of the experience – feel free to post on the event Facebook page or get in touch with

It might be helpful to take a look at the experiences of one or two others who have taken part in Ride the North, in particular Steven Flett