Good Afternoon,

I wonder if this might be of interest …this is an attempt at some collaboration AND NOT A SALES EMAIL. I would be grateful if you’d take a few mins to read and respond.

For the past 10 years I have run a cycling event around North East Scotland. It has gradually grown arms and legs over the years and IF (big if) I could run the event this summer I would expect 2,000 participants and in normal times the event attracts more and more people from outside of Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire/Moray and fills quite a number of hotel beds.

It will not be a ‘normal’ year and while I still hold some hope for running an event this summer, it’s very unlikely to happen as I had planned (with 2,000 people and bringing visitors from outside of Scotland). I decided as we entered the Christmas lockdown that I would have to have a PLAN B! That plan B is to be called ‘ride the north 153’ (it will last 153 days) and the outline is written down here – a 5 month event centred upon a network of ‘pop-up’ cycle routes around Aberdeenshire & Moray.

In truth, I have no idea how many people will engage with this. The full details and registration will go live on 21 April ..and before then there will be some additional press coverage (coverage in P&J last week attached). I am working with both Aberdeenshire Council & The Moray Council to look at whether we could add temporary signs to create hundreds of miles of signposted routes …that aspect is yet to be determined! My concept is that it might generate days out for local people in the North East BUT also weekends away. I think (hope) it can be a serious proposition to cyclists around Scotland (and/or rest of UK) to come cycling here this summer as a holiday.

REQUEST – When people register with me from 21 April, I will provide them with a pack of information. I am very happy that the pack I create carry offers/adverts for hotels. I am not asking for discounts but if there is an offer you want to highlight, I will include it in the pack I create. If you can reply to me by 15 April that would be very helpful. Realistically, I’d doubt many people are seeking a week in a hotel, but if you want to give me anything to promote 1-3 night stays, then I’ll include it. I have attached a word document that you can use to send me information. There is no fee for this. This is an attempt to secure the future of my own business and I hope I get enough people register to make this work. I have no idea if it generates business for hotels, but if it works for you, then it hopefully it must be working for me! My only request would be that if it does generate some bookings, you are kind enough to feed that back to me. If this were to work as an emergency plan in 2021, then I’ll talk to Councils/tourism agencies about the future.

On the whole, I do have faith that there are a lot of people who want to support local business and are very keen to go somewhere when the restrictions lift. Until 2019, as well as running a local event, I also arranged annual cycle tourism trips – occasionally in Scotland but more in France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy etc. Lots of cyclists spend money on trips at home and abroad every year and our area has wonderful road cycling. I hope this is a real opportunity to create something that brings new business in 2021 …but also has future possibilities.

Thanks for reading. As I said, please send me any information and I shall pass on the my customers.

All the best and wishing you a busy summer.