Armistice Centenary Tour (11 on 11.11)

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day or the eleventh month!

One hundred years on, the Armistice that ended the Great War will be commemorated on Sunday 11 November 2018. In rural Aberdeenshire this include a bike ride around 11 war memorials dedicated to those who did not return from the trenches of France and Belgium.

In every town and every village and sometimes in the smallest hamlets, the war memorial is an ever-present reminder of some of the most desperate times and the sacrifice of so many. Mostly, we don’t really look at them, often we barely notice them at all.  On Sunday 11 November, you have an invitation to ride around just 11 of Aberdeenshire’s 250 war memorials, to read the names and consider the scale of the loss that was suffered.

There is no fee. The ride will run in association with Poppy Scotland.  If you feel inclined to make a donation for your participation, that would be welcome, but is entirely voluntary.  The ride will be begin in Alford at the Grampian Transport Museum between 0800 hrs and 0900 hrs.  The route is 48 miles in total and will involve stopping at The Square, Rhynie for a two minute silence at 1100 hrs. There are 36 miles (and 8 memorials) to reach Rhynie, so you will have to judge for yourself how long you need. If you mis-judge the timetable there are short-cut options so you reach Rhynie on time. After 1100 hrs there will be coffee and cakes available in The Square, before the final 12 miles (3 memorials) to reach Alford via the splendid views from Suie Hill.

It’s November in Scotland – it may well be cold, wet and possibly a bit miserable …but that would be fitting and will add to the occasion!

Please can you book a place if you plan to come

A route will be published once I have verified exact locations of some of the memorials.  Thanks to the Archaeology service at Aberdeenshire Council for information and advice on these matters.

Digital files of the route will be shared with all those registered at a later date.


NOTE: There may be other Armistice Day services taking place at the memorials visited. Most of these will be taking place at 1100 hrs when you will be in Rhynie, but some memorials are in churchyards and services may be taking place.  Your cooperation to be considerate and respectful at all times in appreciated.