Corporate Teams 2021

Ride the North 2021 – Corporate Team Participation

For 5 years, we have been in the fortunate position of selling all our places – at times there has been something of a scramble for Ride the North registration and it was not really possible to guarantee teams that they would be able to secure all the places they wished.  The covid crisis has brought about a re-think of what the 2021 event format will be and changes to the event plan mean we’ll have a go at an event with more participants in 2021.

There will be a maximum of 750 corporate team places available from a maximum of 2,500 participants.  An advance booking of a team entry will mean that the places are secure and team members will not have to join the process of registering on the date that the event goes public.  For each participating team,  we would provide the contact person within the employer (the team coordinator) with a link to a team registration page – each team will have their own unique link that will provide access to the team places.  This link can be set up to enable payment at the point of registration OR to put all registrations into a single invoice, which will bypass payment at the point of registration OR to offer employers both options.  It the point of writing, the event date and the registration fee are still to be determined.

We will take advance team entries for teams of between 2 and 40 persons.  There are still event details to be determined, so at the time of writing, we are inviting ‘expressions of interest’ which will effectively give priority booking for a team when the event details are published in full (anticipated early November 2020). Please email with required number of places and full contact details of person who will act as team coordinator.  The website link to allow registraions to be made will be sent in mid November.  The invoice date for places will be 28 February 2021 (for payment by end of March) and the invoice will reflect the number of registration places confirmed at the date of invoice i.e. If a booking was for 15 places, but at 28 February only 9 places have been used, the invoice will be 9 places.

The Covid Clause As of September 2020, it is (obviously) unclear what will be possible on any given date in 2021.  We are planning to run an event for summer 2021 that will have a far greater degree of ‘normality’ than it could have had in 2020.  If the event is cancelled, all registrations paid on-line via our own payment  will be refunded within two weeks, all registrations paid by BACS will be refunded within two weeks of supply of banking details.  Unpaid invoices at the point of cancellation will be voided.  As noted above, the registration fee is not yet been set.