Corporate Teams 2022

Ride the North 2022 – Corporate Team Participation

For 5 years, we were in the fortunate position of selling all event places – at times there has been something of a scramble for Ride the North registration and it was not really possible to guarantee teams that they would be able to secure all the places they wished.  The covid crisis has brought about a re-think of what the 2022 event format will be and changes to the event plan mean we’ll have a go at an event with more participants in 2022.

There will be a maximum of 750 corporate team places available from a maximum of 2,500 participants.  An advance booking of a team entry will mean that the places are secure and team members will not have to join the process of registering on the date that the event goes public.

Team places registered directly with RtN will be at a fee of £42 and will be allocated on a sale or return basis.  A website link to allow registrations to be made will be sent by return. For each participating team,  we would provide the contact person within the employer (the team coordinator) with a link to a team registration page – each team will have their own unique link that will provide access to the team places.  This link can be set up to enable payment at the point of registration (pay as you go) OR to put all registrations into a single invoice, which will bypass payment at the point of registration OR to offer employers both options.  If the employer prefers to cover the cost of registration,.the invoice date for places will be 15 March 2022 and the invoice will reflect the number of registration places used at 15 March i.e. if an allocation of 15 places is made initially, but at 15 March 2022, there are 10 places that have been registered by named participants , the invoice will be for 10 places and the 5 remaining places will be taken back without charge.  All registration fees will be refundable in the event …(lets not go there)!!!

We will take advance team entries for teams of between 2 and 50 persons.  There are still event details to be determined, more deatails will be announced in late November with public booking  anticipated to open on 7 January 2022.


Two Options at this stage are:

  1. If you would like to discuss, then please contact Neil via or on 07810 410084. I will be delighted to explain more and if there is appetite among colleagues I can deliver a short powerpoint about the event and do a Q&A – either in person or via video call.  While event HQ is in Aberdeen, this offer applies across Scotland.
  2. If you already know that you will want to book places, you are welcome to email with required number. As above I am happy to be flexible about this so if  you give me a (realistic!) estimate there is no problem with adjusting numbers (either way) at a later date.  If you do wish to book places please declare a contact person (and email) and whether the places are to be paid for by individuals or whether there will be a single invoice as per the information above.

Thank you for all the support and understanding over two difficult years.