Donald Munro – Owayo Brand Ambassador

Donald Munro has been a regular RtN participant for the last 5 years. It has been great to see Donald’s passion for cycling develop and follow his fortunes in epic advertures such as last year’s Trans Alba Race on 1,000 miles around Scotland – you can read more about that here. When I heard Donald had become an ambassador for Owayo, I though I might ask him to write a few words for me to post up as I was working with Owayo on the creation of some new RtN items for 2020. Donald write is below.

Donald in Sandwich Selection action at Ride the North 2017. Jersey selection before his Owayo appointment!

“Now that May has finally arrived, the time has come to dig out the summer cycling gear and hopefully banish the long leg bib shorts, thermal jackets, long sleeve baselayers and heavy duty winter gloves to the back of the wardrobe.

Although there doesn’t appear to be the same emphasis on getting the this seasons cycling jerseys from the numerous cycling fashion houses due to the cancellation of all sportives and cycling events caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is always the need to feel that you look good on your bike, even with socially distancing and the reality being slightly different as you struggle up a particularly brutal climb!

At the start of the year I received the good news that I had been selected to become an Owayo Cycling ambassador for 2020 following the submission of my application in November 2019.

I first became aware of Owayo in 2015, when I participated in my first Ride the North, the premier cycling event in the North East of Scotland. The 2015 (green) jersey has stood the test of time and all my other Owayo RtN jerseys are my most used and judging by the roads around Aberdeenshire they remain firm favourites with the many thousands who have participated in this event over the years and worn as badges of honour.

Therefore to be selected to be an ambassador for a brand that I really believe in was great news, especially for someone like me who is particular about their apparel!
As the summer season progresses my intention is honestly review the owayo cycling range that they have asked me to wear this year. In the interests of transparency, I don’t receive any money for reviewing their clothing or recommending cyclists to purchase anything from them. Also they have no influence over what I write about their products.

My intention in this blog is to review their bib shorts, after all nothing makes you feel that summer is here by wearing shorts. Also I’ll review one of their gilets as in the North East of Scotland a chilly breeze, nippy morning or cold evening is never far away, even in July.

The Owayo CP6 Comp bib shorts are manufactured with the single focus of helping your comfort levels in the saddle and on the odd occasion you need to stand to power up the many inclines in this part of the world. The fabric is very flexible and comfortable, using their UltraDry technology and Comp-Tex material.

The CP6 Comp shorts use a pad that feels very luxurious, which is made up of various layers of foam and breathable fabrics covering the Y-shaped base pad. Like a lot of the latest pad designs, the pad doesn’t use loads of channels for pressure relief, instead going for foam positioning and shape, and it works very well.
Breathability seems to be good as well, judging by the testing I have done, helped by the mesh design on the shoulder straps, back and side panels of the shorts, ensures all your sweat is wicked away.

Keeping the legs in place are some discrete but effective grippers which spread the load around the thigh so you don’t get feel any pressure spots on your rides.
Cycling in the North East of Scotland means you need versatility with your cycling gear, whether that means the ability to carry multiple items of clothing you might not even need or the desire to have clothing that can adapt to the varying weather conditions you will encounter on one single ride.
Windproof gilets have two jobs, stop the wind in its tracks before it starts to evaporate the sweat from your body to the extent that you cool down too much or to be on standby in one of your back pockets so it is ready when you need it, without feeling you are carrying around all that extra weight you battled to lose to ride that bit faster.

The Owayo wind vest CVW5Pro weighs in at just 115g, letting you ride without the weight and bulk of a full on waterproof jacket, and fits neatly into your jersey pocket when you don’t need it.

The front panels are a lightweight G-TEX windbreaker fabric, which stops cold breezes from penetrating and offers some water resistance, making the Owayo wind vest a good solution for those dry days when you might just catch a stray shower, as I did earlier this week when I rode into a hail shower. The gilet did better than I expected in the wet, but I wouldn’t expect it to be fully waterproof in a prolonged downpour.

The high collar is very soft and no sharp seams or zippers irritating your neck, with an elasticated waistband and cuffs ensuring no drafts are whistling around your body, tick all the boxes in what you want.

A real plus point for me is the key pocket on the right hand side of the gilet, I have been keeping a couple of snack bars in there, it isn’t too far round that your body heat melts the bar and it is in a naturally accessible position for easy access.

At the price point these items come in at, I feel they compare well to higher profile brands, also an added bonus is the small environmental footprint this creates, owayo custom sportswear is designed and manufactured under the one roof in Regensburg, Germany, coincidently twinned with Aberdeen.

If you are interested in purchasing some Owayo cycling gilets or bib shorts you can support a local business, Ride the North by ordering via the following link or if you are interested in getting some custom cycling jerseys and apparel created according to your exact specifications, choosing your own design, colours, texts and add any logos, then please let me know and I can supply a discount code.”

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