Afternoon all,


Hope you are well.


I outlined a bit of a plan last time that has been expanded upon since and announced (in outline) today.


For 2021 I will run a version of Ride the North for 5 months (May-Sept) …it will be the RtN 153 and I have done best to write it down here a 153 day Staycation summer of cycling!! The P&J picked up on it too


Rather obviously I’d be totally delighted if the RtN 153 plan above has some potential for fundraising.  I have set challenges but anyone who wants to raise money can set their own challenge that is as modest or as ambitious as they want.  Truly have no idea how well this will work and how many people will get involved.  I have tried to have a plan that could work for both a local (NE Scotland) resident and a cyclist from elsewhere in Scotland that could come here for a weekend or short break.  There’s lots of great cycling in the region.


I have a presentation to give tomorrow (Hi Bethany @ Befriend a Child!!) so if that works OK I’m totally happy to do that for anyone who thinks they get an audience.  I can gauge interest but maybe if I did something I can open a zoom call out to you all/your supporters.  I shall come back to you on that.


For clarity, the ‘real’ event remains ON!  This will be additional.  I have yet to look at dates, but my expectation is that I will need to see some positive news from Scot Gov that events are possible and I will set a date (possibly in May) to postpone unless news says otherwise …and then a further date (possibly in June) to wait for news that gives me a green light to push on or make a decision that it isn’t happening.  You will understand that what I cannot do is spend money on an event that I then have to cancel and refund.  That said, I’m prepared to go a fair time in limbo to wait and see and I am not going to rush a decision.


Thanks again for your support and patience.  I am totally committed to trying to working with you all if you see possibilities here.








Neil Innes

ride the north

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