I have some problems with my Facebook account/page https://www.facebook.com/rtn.ridethenorth – it’s 10 years old, I’ve used it for the event I run.

My Facebook problems have been going on for about 3 years. I suspect (don’t know) the problems stem from starting an account that wasn’t really planning to be a business (I have a feeling I ticked a box 10 years ago that said ‘community’) but this morphed into my business. I don’t know that is this issue, it’s just a guess.

The issues started with an error message when I tried to access my FB page about 3 years ago that said it had ‘redirected too many times’. Somehow I managed to discover that if I clicked on emails generated by comments on my FB page it (sometimes) took me into my page. i.e. I got an email to say ‘John Smith commented, click here to see on FB’ and I found that most times this just took me to a page that said ‘redirected too many times’ but sometimes it took me into my page and I could post a new comment. Over time this worked less and less – it was impossible to see why it worked occasionally and not with all comments.

I did then download FB Business Suite Manager to phone and that works just fine to post pics or whatever.  That allows me to post pics and reply to messages, but I don’t know if it will be alive after 26 April (more below).

After about 2 years where I could only access page on desktop by clicking about 15 FB emails and seeing if one link might let me in, the page came back and now I can open it normally. Albeit it doesn’t look like it used to. I suspect that when my page is mentioned in other people’s post, I don’t see that very often. Before the above I used to get alerts and have a tab for mentions …but I don’t anymore. It tells me that 4,160 people follow the page, but I don’t easily see any way to see who they are. I suspect in a functioning FB account I could message them …but I don’t think I can.

Then …a few weeks ago I started to get this message (below). It says my account will be disabled on 26 April because its a grey account. Confess I don’t know what happens on 26 April …does the page disappear? do I stop being able to edit it? Am I confused between an account and a page? I followed instructions to download the content of my page  – it did download content but I’d estimate about 0.5% of the content I have on there.  Random selection of posts, but mostly from 2015.

I also have been offered a small amount of funding to do Facebook advertising/promoted posts? My Facebook page has an ad centre that says “Page Not Allowed to Advertise. You can’t create ads or promote your Page because it’s restricted from advertising”.

The question seems to be whether a grey account can be modified to become ‘not grey’ and to offer the functionality (I imagine) other people have via Facebook OR whether the only viable option here is to jettison this page and create a new one.  I can save all the images (many hundreds and it would take some hours) and obviously I’d lose some of the 4,000 followers (but those who care would probably start following a new page). It would be good if I could invite current followers to like a new page, but I see no obvious way to see who the current followers are or to way to communicate with them.

Anyone who reads this and thinks …’I can solve all these problems in X time for X fee’ is very welcome to get in touch.