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Rhynie has become something if a the spiritual home of Ride the North, having featured in every event since 2011. The village is most widely known for Rhynie Man, one of eight Pictish stones that were discovered in 1978. Rhynie Man is a 6 foot boulder carved with a bearded man carrying an axe, and might be a depiction of the Celtic god Esus. It is now on display at Woodhill House, the HQ of Aberdeenshire Council. A further archaeological dig started in 2011 near the site where Rhynie Man was found, uncovering substantial fortified settlements dating to the early medieval period. It's a small village but it's in a very pretty setting with a wide open village green with its poignant war memorial of a solemn soldier with head bowed. Rhynie is a wonderful spot for cycling and if you enjoy a climb, it's got the Cabrach on one side and Suie Hill on the other, so it's a great location for a day out with your bike. Rhynie is a small village. There is a shop in the Square but other visitor facilities are more readily found in Huntly. If visiting for a day by car, parking available around the Square. There is a car park at the church, but this is best left to local use on days when services are taking place.