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Strichen sits on the River Ugie and there is considerable evidence of ancient settlements nearby, including the Strichen Stone Circle and the Catto Long Barrow south of the town. The most significant building is the Town House, a superb example of early 19th century architecture. Nearby Mormond Hill is fascinating for its historical mix. The hill is littered with disused satellites and masts which are the remnants of US communications posts from the Cold War, and you can also see the Strichen White Horse and the Strichen White Stag. The Buchan and Formartine Way is a companion on this route – you cross it at Strichen and Old Deer, and it passes just west of Ellon. Opened in the early 1990s, it is classed as one of Scotland’s Great Trails and runs for 53 miles along the former railway. The local area has some great cycling and the small village of Strichen, which finds itself at the heart of six of our cycle routes. Strichen is a small village but with shops and cafes to feed the cyclist. If coming to Strichen as a day-tripper, there is car parking at Newton Wood just on the south edge of the village.