Situated in the spectacular mountain scenery at the eastern gateway to the highest mountains of the Cairngorms National Park, it is a heaven for walkers, climbers or wanderers. There are no less than 24 Munros (mountains over 3000 ft high) as well as over 65 miles of high level walks and cycle routes of varying length and difficulty. A quarter of a mile east of the town stands Braemar Castle, a 17th century castle with a colourful past. Built by the Earl of Mar in 1628, it has been a hunting lodge, fortress, garrison and family home. Join a local volunteer on a guided tour and discover its fascinating history. Just eight miles away to the south is Glenshee, home to the largest ski centre in Scotland, while the River Dee flowing past Balmoral Castle offers the finest salmon fishing. This ancient village is also home to the world famous annual Braemar Gathering and Highland Games. Held on the first Saturday in September, the event is regularly attended by the Royal Family and features the best pipe bands, pipers, Highland dancers and athletes. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut non odio diam. Sed semper neque eget orci finibus malesuada. Nullam sagittis volutpat massa, sed gravida lectus eleifend eu. Sed facilisis lectus ac pretium tempor. Nullam condimentum laoreet venenatis. Curabitur feugiat rhoncus lectus id tristique. Aenean tempus risus lorem, non malesuada ante dictum sed. Nunc sit amet lacus egestas, interdum massa sed, malesuada purus. Donec euismod elementum nunc ut mollis. Nam in volutpat lacus, et rutrum arcu. Aenean aliquet tempus lectus a rhoncus. Cras aliquet mattis orci, sagittis fermentum metus euismod id. Vestibulum tincidunt tellus enim, a finibus mauris mollis in. Donec non odio porta, faucibus quam a, gravida orci. Cras mollis ligula non pharetra fringilla. Nulla facilisi. Donec et est in ante commodo fringilla et sit amet nisl. Fusce laoreet congue vestibulum. Fusce ornare ac felis quis blandit. In enim nulla, pretium vel ultrices a, ullamcorper a felis. Mauris in fermentum diam, eget faucibus felis. Integer pulvinar sapien posuere diam vestibulum posuere. Ut luctus nibh non purus convallis blandit.