Lost Jersey Bonus Prizes

For one weekend only, there will be 20 old Ride the North jerseys sneakily pinned up on RtN 153 routes.  If you find one and take a photo of your bike at the jersey location (roughly in the manner shown opposite!) you can enter a draw for the associated prize by posting the picture via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp all accepted). One jersey find = one entry per person.  If you are a group, you can all enter.  If you are the only person to send a pic of the jersey found you get the prize by a walkover …if there are multiple entries, it goes to a draw!

The jerseys will be by the roadside and not in the middle of a forest …just in case the picture gives that impression!  There will be 20 jerseys. There will be 20 locations*. There will be 20 prizes!  The prizes are still to be announced …but I am working on it!

* I may need some assistance to put some of these up.  You have to sign the official secrets act!