Memorial Locations

Keig (number 1, 4 miles) – The memorial is in the church yard. Pass through Keig and turn left at the crossroads just at the eastern edge of the village. The Cemetery is up the hill a wee bit!

Oyne (number 2, 12.5 miles) – The memorial is in the church yard about 3/4 mile through Oyne (heading east).  Keep on B9002. Access to Cemetery is on the main road just about 50 yards after parking places that are on the right.  The memorial is a plaque on the wall facing you as you enter the cemetery

Insch (numbers 3 and 4, 16.5 miles),  – At the door of the hospital (around the back from the car park at the front). The hospital war itself built as a war memorial …but I have assured the staff that 100 people are not going to enter the building. It’s a very small cottage hospital.

Leslie (number 5, 20 miles) – Ensure you take the road signposted to ‘Old Leslie’ from the B9002 outside Insch (don’t take the road signposted to Auchleven – the two turns are close together). In Leslie, the old church is just straight across at the junction.

Kennethmont (number 6, 24.5 miles) As noted in covering email, the Kennethmont war memorial is in the Old Kirkyard and this is not really very easy to visit on a road bike, as it’s quite a distance up a rough track. You will pass a cemetery as you enter Kennethmont, but just to emphaise, this is not the Old Kirkyard. I am going to place a picture at the directional sign to the old Kirkyard and assume some/most will skip going up to the actual memorial If you have time in hand and like a bit of cyclo-cross, go for it!

Gartly (number 7, 30 miles)- A little sting in the tail for the last memorial on this section of the ride.  It’s at Kirkstile and it’s about two and a half miles beyond Gartly.  Turn right into Gartly …but keep going up the hill/single track road and turn left at the cross-roads about two miles beyond Gartly.

Rhynie (number 8, 37 miles)- You can’t really miss it!

Clatt (number 9, 40.5 miles) Likewise. it’s overlooking the road as you arrive into the village.

Tullynessle (number 10, 45 miles)  – The memorial is in the churchyard on what will be quite a fast cycling section on the descent after Suie.  You will reach it ahead of Tullynessle school or Hall The church is quite visible from some distance on approach.

Alford – (number 11, 48 miles) At the Cemetery on Parkhill Road. If you take the cyclepath from Bridge of Alford, it takes you out just at start of the village and the very next turn on the right as you join the main road (from the cycle path) is Parkhill Road.