Refunds 2018

I am mindful that people have, over the years, signed up to RtN under pressure from friends and sometimes even without their knowledge …if you don’t really want to be there, now it the time to say! It is also wholly appreciated that there will some with concerns about injury or illness and that some will have doubts about their participation. Usually about this time of year someone contacts me to say they are 3 or 4 months pregnant and cycling in August might be tricky! Whatever the circumstances, if you want to declare now that you wish to withdraw, we will refund you the full fee you have paid* with no questions asked!  This offer is being extended until 10 May.  After that date, there has to be some cost to cancellation – but you can opt to transfer the place for £30 (up to 7 August).

We order and supply jerseys for everyone who takes part in RtN. This means we have to commit numbers and costs – as people withdraw, some element of that cost is not recoverable. This equation changes over the weeks as we commit to numbers for catering, transport, print, insurances etc. Last year I sent out too many event jerseys to people who ended up not taking part in the event, so in an effort to be more ‘business-like’, cancellations after 10 May and up to 30 June 2018 will receive a 70% refund of the registration fee paid. Cancellations during July will receive a 50% refund of the registration fee paid.

Unfortunately late withdrawals (in August) from the event don’t save any event costs, so it will not be possible to refund after this point. Late withdrawal is a disappointment for the event as well as to you.  PLEASE NOTE you will be able to take out your own travel insurance policy against late withdrawal for a relatively modest fee – this is not something RtN will do on your behalf, but if you wish to be protected it’s an economic option!

Further Note – Withdrawals along the way does not mean new places are available as we’d made an assumption about this ahead of offering places. There will be no further registrations!

Second Further Note – These arrangements might be different if you have entered RtN with a charity place (as you might have paid the charity, who will have set different T&Cs). We’d always work with charity partners to be accommodating if charity riders have to change plans.

* Depending upon the date you paid, there may be an unrecoverable transaction fee for on-line payment, but it would be in the region of £3.