RtN 153 Registration

Thank you again for registering for our RtN 153 event. It’s great appreciated.

rtn 153

The key events documents are attached to this page for you to download. These documents are:

All About RtN 153 – What have I signed up for?! 
This document outlines what it’s all about and sets out the targets for Gold, Silver & Bronze level points totals across not just the 153 day event, but also the 7, 4 and 2 day versions.

All about the RtN 153

RtN 153: The Rule Book 
You need to know you’re playing by the rules!  You must read before you begin!

RtN 153 rule book

RtN 153: The Route Inventory – Where are we going next?
All the routes will all the stats.  You can download this one and use it to tick off all your completions and (if you wish) it has a space for you to add a weblink if you want a record of the route on Strava, an image on Instagram, a post on Twitter or whatever. We are not going to ask you for proof – this is just for fun.  If you login to the Ride the North website you can do the same thing on-line. Submitting the same thing to the RtN website means that we can see your progress and include you in any scoreboards (you can opt into that) and we’ll certainly use images that participants post. It’s all available here ↓

RtN 153 route inventory