The RtN Lockdown Collection!

Dear Cyclist,

The Covid-19 crisis has had devastating impacts for so many businesses. For a small business like mine, the year depends upon income from the summer months and in particular an event weekend. All that is wiped away for 2020.  Plan B to try  to keep a head above water is to create some ‘ride the north’ cycling kit and make it available for sale.  For now this will be gilet and bib shorts.  If this works, I may look at feedback on potential for other items. If it REALLY works, I will be building a manufacturing plant in Rhynie before lockdown is over!

I am working with Owayo (supplier of past RtN jerseys) with both of these products from their ‘Pro’ range.  I have had sample of both products sent and tested to be clear that I think I can offer a very good quality product at a fair price.  I appreciate entirely that now is not a great time for many …bit as we are now dreaming of bike rides to come, you might be in market for some kit for the future.  As ever, the support of riders, sponsors, charities and communities has helped RtN develop over nine years. Your support is appreciated as I try to ensure it can run bigger and better with more charity and community impacts in 2021.


RtN Shorts

In partnership with Owayo. German designed and made CP5 Pro Bib Shorts. Bespoke Ride the North design. Cost £65.00 (£100 shorts & gilet offer – only available during a pandemic)

More information on RtN shorts here

Women’s  RtN shorts are here


RtN Gilets

In partnership with Owayo. German designed and made wind vest. Bespoke Ride the North design with 4 colour options …white, pink, black or black! Cost £44.00 (£100 bundle for gilet and shorts)

Black or White? More information on the B&W versions

Curious about Pink? More information on the Pink versions