RtN Registration Process

There is a new RtN entry process for 2022.

Until now, between one year and the next we erased the database and started again.  This time we have retained an account for all those who registered in 2021, so when you enter for 2022 (or beyond) you can login to the personal data that already exists (you can update anything) and add/pay for a new event (RtN 2022).  There will be two options of the registration page …for returning riders who had a 2021 place (and hence have an account set up) and for ‘new’ riders (those who were not registered in 2021. Riders who took part in previous years but were not registered in 2021 will register as a new rider).

If you don’t have the password, there is a password reset option. If you have trouble making that work, get in touch via neil@velodays.com and I can go it manually.

All this means we can keep a more accurate record of RTN participations – as that’s going to matter as the Hall of Fame starts to record milestone numbers of ride completions. The only footnote here is that the historic data needs to be added manually and I’m only part way through that, so if you participated in the early RtN’s (or did not register in 2021) your record won’t be complete just yet.  Work in progress!

Thanks again for your support.