RtN Weekend

It was desperately difficult to reach the decision in early summer that Ride the North 2021 would not happen..  However, I was determined not be fully defeated by Covid for a second year.  The RtN mass participation event will not happen BUT we will endeavour to facilitate a weekend of cycling around the beautiful North East of Scotland that will be free for everyone …all you need is a bike!

Earlier this year we created RtN 153 which has suggested routes  (158 of them) for cycling all around the North East of Scotland.  It is a route bagging/point collecting challenge.  The same routes will be the foundation for a Ride the North Weekend on 28-29 August.  On this weekend all registered riders will have access to this alternative version of the event – you don’t have to opt in or out.  The event website will allow all rides undertaken on the RtN 153 routes to be logged – this will generate a website scoreboard recording rides for that weekend only.

There are points targets of 25 for Bronze Level (this might be about 75 miles over the weekend), 45 for Silver Level (might be more like 135-140 miles) and 70 for Gold Level (looking more like 200-210 miles).  Those who opt to participate can aim for one of these targets over the weekend.

The North East of Scotland is such a wonderful place for riding a bike. There are really challenging snow roads to ski stations and much easier countryside roads linking local villages where castles and whisky distilleries abound – the common denominator is that a great many of our roads have very light motor traffic. It’s not traffic-free cycling, but it can be very leisurely and relaxing …or you can make it as demanding as you wish.  You don’t need to cycle far to be part of this weekend of bike riding – this is open to everyone, whether you want to ride 200 miles or take on your local 10 mile route as a challenge.  We will do our best to add some fun to this outlined below.

RtN LOST Jersey Hunt – Just for a little fun there will be 20 jerseys pinned up on the RtN 153 routes with some prizes up for grabs. This initiative has been kindly supported by our sponsors at Stena Drilling and at TAQA. There is more information about this plan here.

RtN Cafe Lotto – Whatever type of cycling is your type of cycling, there is one thing that everyone can agree upon …cycling needs coffee and cake like dancing needs music. RtN cyclists do their bit to keep cafes across the region ticking over and for one weekend only, there is an extra incentive. Every coffee and cake stop is a lottery ticket to a star prize!! Again this is supported by our sponsors at Stena Drilling and at TAQA. You will find more here.

Want to Make a Holiday Weekend of it? – We are running a limited bag transfer service over the RtN Weekend.  It cannot go from everywhere to everywhere but there are a number of routes to select from.  More information about this service is here

Registration You will have to be registered to take part in any of this BUT that’s free of charge. If you are a registered rider for RtN 2021 or RtN 153 you have automatic access to this challenge without doing anything further – regardless of whether you have requested a refund for the ‘real’ event. On Saturday 28 August you can log in to your RtN account and will see there is a new section called ‘RtN Weekend’ which is a scoreboard for the weekend only.

If you are not currently registered for RtN and want to take part in the weekend challenge you can register here and that will provide you with an information pack you can register here https://www.ride-the-north.co.uk/register-for-rtn-153/ (This has hithertoo been the registration page for RtN 153).  I will remove the payment option for this page …so if you are here before I get that done, go ahead and fill details, but just don’t pay!!  It’s an Aberdonian’s dream!