RtN153 Signs

Signposted Cycle Routes All Around the North East of Scotland! It’s happening!!

The North East is all set to get a vast network of pop-up cycle routes from May-September 2021 …all with signposts to guide you along the beautiful backroads!

It’s ‘a sign of the times’ (that’s the sign pun out the way!), with uncertainty about events and at the same time absolute certainty that everyone is desperately looking forward to easing of travel restrictions, getting time away from home, visiting new places and supporting Scottish tourism I hope this wee initiative to create 2,000 miles of cycle routes will prove popular.

2021 will be the tenth Ride the North – it has been the basis of my small business and real labour of love. As we entered the second wave of Covid before Christmas I decided that I had to do something different to try to make it through these difficult times.  The North East of Scotland has some magnificent road cycling and the signs will integrate with a challenge created for a summer of cycling. I hope this is something that can get more people out enjoying the countryside and it can bring more visitors to our corner of the world – with it’s magnificent hills, mountains, castles, whisky, river valleys and coastline. It’s not bad!

I can say from the experience of my own family that cycling has been a real part of our efforts to stay well and stay sane over the past year.  These signs are for everyone and not just those who cycle long-distances and enter cycling events. If they tempt you to ride a bike for 5 miles for the first in a while, that’s a good thing.  The routes that are to be signposted are all part of a summer of cycling challenge due to start on 1 May (more details to be published on 21 April).  The RtN 153 reflects the 153 days that these signs will be in place and 153 days of ‘summer’ available to go visit some unexplored North East back-roads that lead to towns, villages and visitor attractions throughout Aberdeenshire and Moray.  There are more details of the RtN 153 here

A huge thank you to Aberdeenshire Council, Moray Council and Nestrans for working with me on this. When I first raised the prospect of mounting way-finding signs on about 140 cycle routes as an emergency measure going into a ‘Staycation Summer’ I wasn’t really sure this could happen. Credit to all the authorities for coming together on this project and helping make it happen in rapid time. Thanks also to Kieran Beattie at the Press & Journal for covering our event. The P&J article is here