RtN2018 – The Support You Can Expect

This is largely for the benefit of those who are doing Ride the North for the first time – particularly those who think/know that riding 175 miles over two days is going to be challenging.  The defining feature of RtN is that it is not competitive and is (I’d like to think) a sociable event, where you will be helped along by other riders as well as by our support team. Those who think riding 175 miles will be challenging are the heart of the event, so anyone in this position will not be alone and will have plenty of support.

We will have a team of support cyclists on the road to help and encourage those who need it. There will be food, water and mechanical support along the route and we’d like to minimise the things you need to thing about (or carry) during the event.

We have a staggered start …those who feel they need the most hours to complete go first.  In terms of pace, it’s pretty unlikely that anyone who has prepared for the event will be too slow.  You will have up to 11 hours and, factoring in time for rest and food along the way, if you able to cycle at an average of 10 mph, you won’t be too slow!  There will be a lunch stop and additional refreshment stops mid morning and mid afternoon – break the day down into 4 rides of 20 ish miles.

I tend to avoid giving anyone training advice – everyone starts from a different place. You are going to be cycling two days of 85 miles and North East Scotland is not flat – so you will want to consider not only the miles you build up, but also to ensure you don’t neglect some training on climbs.

It’s vital that everyone arrives at the event with a bike in good working order. Unexpected mechanical issues do happen and we will have mechanics from local bike shops and businesses. When you are out training, you would benefit from being able to fix a puncture – at the event itself, you won’t ever be stuck for assistance if you should need it, but please ensure that you carry a spare tube.

RtN is not easy and the inexperienced cyclists shouldn’t take it lightly, but please be assured that you will have lots for support to help you.