RtN on Social Media

Ride the North is on Facebook and Twitter.  While these channels of communication do play some part in promoting the event, I regard this activity to be primarily …well ‘social’!  If you have questions about the event, I’d rather get an email via neil@velodays.com. Guilty secret – when there are lots of comments on social networks, I don’t always see them all (they stop generating alerts)!

My use of social media is mostly to share some pictures and I’m always keen to share information about other events or news that would look of interest to cyclists in the North/North East of Scotland. I also consider the RtN social media accounts to be there to allow cyclists the opportunity to connect with one another, so don’t be shy to use them accordingly.

One added element …at the heart of RtN is the encouragement to more people to get more active – you know all the arguments about that! The event attracts all manner of cyclists and my only presumption is that we all have one thing in common – the enjoyment of riding a bike.  Neither the event, nor the organiser, seeks to be a lead campaigner for cycling, but I do feel that, if RtN plays just a small role in encouraging more people to get out and cycle, it should play some role in backing the case for better and safer conditions for cycling.  There are very welcome steps forward in making the North East/Scotland/the UK a more bike friendly place, but there is a long way to go if we want see a true cycling/active culture and reverse some trends.  Those who chose to ride a bike are a diverse and disparate (maybe desperate!) bunch and if RtN (event or social media) makes a small contribution towards helping create just a little more of a community that is noticed/heard/considered, that would be a good thing.  The interest I declare is that I’d like to see the community in which I live, further develop to offer a better quality of life and better life chances for all.  Cycling is for everyone – there is a a positive message to get over!