Substitutions …and Participant Identity

I have a clear objective to have an accurate list of who the event participants are. Confidential medical information and emergency contacts submitted with your registration are shared only with the medics on duty at the event. It has been known in the past for the occasional person to arrive at a registration desk on the event day thinking that they had registered* (but had not!) or saying they were going to use someone else’s place – which has never been part of the deal! I cannot substitute names once I have printed all materials and cannot add participants.

This year we opted to reduce the entry fee by a modest £5, but to introduce a £30 admin fee for changing the name of a rider – as well as changing a name, it does generally involve swapping a jersey, re-issuing past emails and enough admin work to justify a charge. I will invite everyone, who does transfer their place to do this officially by contacted to make the change. This is not about increasing revenue, but about seeking to present accurate and professional information to those charged with looking after your welfare on the event. We’ve had one case of a rider (back in 2013) who required a hospital visit and I did not have accurate information about his next of kin nor an accurate address to return his bag and bike to. I don’t want to be in this position.

The final date for changing the name of a rider will be 3 August 2018.

*  I am not sure how I remedy the issue of people turning up mistakenly believing they have a place …do people turn up at the theatre and say “I’m pretty sure I booked a ticket, or my mates booked for me”?  This year I plan to mail the registration pack out …so that might help. I may also go back to publishing a list of participants if that doesn’t breach data protection!