The Holburn Street/GWR Junction

I walk across the junction of Holburn Street and Great Western Road in Aberdeen each day.  It has a number of problems that make it dangerous.

The most fundamental of all the issue is the two red lights seen in the picture on the left.  However, they are actually not quite as straightforward as that, as this is a turn with a green filter than come on for traffic (including buses) turning left from great Western Road onto Holburn Street  (in the direction of Union Street).  However, as seen in the second picture only the traffic light ahead of the junction (as seen by the motorist) shows the filter arrow and the traffic light at the other side of the junction (as seen by the pedestrian) shows only a red light.  Naturally that means pedestrians see a vehicle heading towards a clear red light and may assume the approaching vehicle is about to stop, while the driver of the vehicle sees a green light and will assume the pedestrian (who thinks the vehicle is about to stop) will not walk out into the carriageway.  Motorists familiar with this route also know that the green light filter lasts only a few seconds and there is a possibility of acceleration so as not to miss it.  This design is flawed and dangerous!  There are other traffic lights in the city that are the same.


There are no yellow squares across the junction, so it’s quite routine that vehicles join a queue that blocks the pedestrian waiting to cross or blocks the traffic trying.  The pedestrian in the red coat is blocked when the green man comes on in the second picture the grey car is blocked from going straight on-or can swing out to go around which is into the path of an on-coming cyclist. Thankfully that did not happen and the grey car waited.