The Route

Ride the North is a cycling challenge in the beautiful scenery of the Grampian Highlands in the North and North-East of Scotland.
Ride the North has a new format for 2021, there will be three route options of 180k, 140k and 100k. Our event is not a race nor a sportive, it a challenge ride which celebrates the love of cycling and the scenery in this part of Scotland. There will be a refreshment stations every 20-30km and we work in partnership with the local communities to ensure you are well looked after along the way.  As always, the route will be on the back-roads of North East Scotland, in the foothills of the Grampian Highlands in Aberdeenshire and Moray.  It's a beautiful part of the world, home to a number of the UK's highest mountains so the terrain is challenging in places! The 2021 event will begin and end in Huntly on 28 August 2021. Notes on each of the route pages below highlight that routes shared at this stage a not final - there are details still to be ironed out, but it helps to give you an outline. The three routes are largely common, so there are possibilities to cycle with a friend that is doing a different distance. The 180/100k routes are common for around 90k, the 180/140 routes are common for about 135k. The 140/100 are a little less integrated but common for about 50k of the 100k. Provisional Routes are presented here: